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This book of bleached parchment and pure white cover is known as “Liberation,” and bears gold (or at least copper) writing in bold print on the cover. The interior print is glossy black ink and each page has an elaborate border.

Liberation has no divisions. It has no chapters and even its paragraphs seem randomly chosen. The canon includes detailed geographical maps every few pages, including at least two that are unidentified.

Despite the odd structure, the book is a wonderful read. Heroic characters combat foul slavers and evil despots. Captivating stories dovetail into one another. Casual browsers find themselves almost magically compelled to read further. A truly gifted writer is responsible for the book, whoever it may be.

Direct orders from the Guardian are few, but certain themes are constant in the stories. Happiness is the key to life and it is obtained through freedom and liberty. Slavers deserve death. Tyrants are to be overthrown. Mind flayers are despicable creatures that should be utterly annihilated. Arranged marriages are travesties that good people avoid. Punishment should be swift and decisive; long prison sentences are a sign of a weak and evil ruler.

Liberation is kept in many homes, especially those of freemen, and often hidden beneath the cots of slaves. It sells for 50 gp and is available in nearly any marketplace or large library.


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