Major Orc Tribes

Major Orc Tribes
Although orcs may number in the many hundreds of thousands across Tellene, if not in the millions, there are only so many major tribes. No hard and fast rules exist for when a tribe becomes a major tribe. Typically when a tribe controls a lot of territory and has several thousand warriors, orcs consider that tribe “major”. Orcs refer to a major tribe as gnoghaagak (translates as “the chosen”). The remaining orc population not affiliated with major tribes are split into smaller tribes (unaraar, literally “handy tools”) which are either independent or form alliances with one or more of the major tribes.

Whilst the names of the gnoghaagak have remained fairly constant now for many centuries, both the numbers and names of the unaraar change frequently. This is because weak tribes go through considerable flux. They are often amalgamated into stronger tribes or destroyed, either by other races or by the larger orc tribes that use them for front line troops.
…of Brandobia
Nestled behind the Elenon Mountain range, the kingdoms that comprise the lands of Brandobia have faced orc raiders since the first Brandobians crossed the Legasas. Most of the attacks are against the lands of Cosdol in the north, though the elves of Lendelwood struggle to hold back the annual tide of raiders. The major tribes occupy vast portions of the long mountain ranges.

The Black Hand
The Mother’s Ruin

…of Kalamar
The Kalamar area has seen more than its fair share of bloody conflict in recent times, and many orc tribes have suffered horrendous losses, or have been eliminated entirely, after selling their services to the Empire as shock troops. Those that occupied areas within the Vast Empire had little choice but to conscript; the alternative lifestyle of countryside raiding meant eventual annihilation at the hands of organized imperial troops.

Bet Kalamar, the capital city of Kalamar, possesses a relatively large orc population, but these are not members of any one tribe. During various military campaigns, the Empire hired many orc tribes, most of which totaled just a few hundred members with little allegiance to larger tribes. The typical battle saw the decimation of the orcish shock troops. The survivors either joined up with other tribes or drifted away. Many found themselves heading toward Bet Kalamar, the city they now call home. There they live pathetic lives in areas too run down to even be called slums, eking out a living by stealing scraps of food or prostituting for any menial work they can find.

The Mailed Fist
The Wolves of P’Rorul
The Skulls
…of the Obakasek Jungle

A single major tribe of orcs resides in the Obakasek Jungle and has terrorized nearby inhabitants for generations. While they leave the larger towns and cities near the jungle alone for the most part, they have been known to travel many miles north into the lands of Tarisato to take on weaker targets.

Storm Riders

…of the Young Kingdoms
By comparison to other areas, the central Young Kingdoms are light on orc tribes. Much of this is due to the landscape, the climate, and the strong military forces that govern the populous human lands to the south and east. However, tribes manage to continue scratching out an existence.

The Flesh Eaters
The Blood Drinkers

…of the Wild lands
The Wild Lands present a harsh environment, with wind swept steppes broken by deep woods, all blasted by freezing winds. Amongst the rugged landscape, the major tribes have made their home and have resisted human and demi-human encroachment since time began. Numerous minor tribes dwell in isolated corners of the landscape, but are generally too busy fighting amongst themselves for scraps left by the larger tribes to present much danger to anything other than small villages.

The Ice Demons
The Bug Squashers

…of Reanaaria Bay
The area known as Reanaaria Bay, near the Sea of the Dead, lies in the shadows of some of Tellene’s highest mountain ranges. Nestled amongst the crags of the Neebau Cliffs live two large orc tribes and a number of smaller ones.

The Lords of Death
The Bone Gnawers

…of Svimohzia (Vohven Jungle)
Only two major orc tribes dwell in the lands of Svimohzia. Outside the Vohven Jungle, a traveler finds only a smattering of small bands of orcs, none worthy of the name “tribe”. These orcs harass unfortunate or unwary travelers, but are even more timid than typical orcs in the face of any kind of sizable force force or significant resistance.

Among the savage tribes of many other races dwell two major tribes of orcs. Over the past 70 years, these orcs have been an increasing problem for noble houses of southern Zazahni. Minor attacks occur every few months, and about once a decade an orc tribe carries out a major raid against a southern city, which varying degrees of success. Some pessimistic scholars have suggested that the only thing preventing the orcs from constant raids is the lack of wealth to plunder. Attacks against Ahznomahn are less frequent and have generally involved heavy orc casualties. Most raids against settled towns are carried out by the Crooked Claw tribe, who are far more traditionally minded than the especially barbaric Snake Heads. A handful of small, neutral, or simply unknown, tribes lurk in the areas of the jungle little used by the major tribes.

The Crooked Claw
The Snake Head

Major Orc Tribes

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