Nanakary Forest

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The heart of the gnomish Confederacy of Nissen lies within this forest. Nissen consists of numerous gnomish and halfling communities that have banded together in a confederacy for their common good. Since its inception, the coalition force has succeeded in driving a kobold menace from the area, as well as in building serviceable roads that have fostered trade. Confederate villages stretch from Reanaaria Bay on the west to the western Arajyd Hills on the east, though the small communities control little beyond their municipal borders. No permanent capital exists; instead, each village serves in this capacity for one decade then relinquishes the honor to the next village.

A permanent levy exists to supplement the villages near the Arajyd Hills, but this is the extent of any organized militia. In dire times, the whole citizenry can be rallied into action, and woe to the overconfident invader!

Though not adverse to human contact, the clannish humanoids prefer their own kind. The integrated village of Naaraje has a few piers at which smaller vessels can dock, but its human inhabitants are the only ones likely to use them.

Nanakary Forest

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