Obakasek Jungle

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This inhospitable territory fans outward from the southwestern slopes of the Lopoliri Mountains down to the Kalamaran Sea. Rain is a daily occurrence and temperatures seldom drop below 95°F. Goblin tribes inhabit the entire region and have adapted to the rigors of the jungle. Because the heat and humidity accelerate decay, bronze has never been supplanted by iron or steel as the latter metals tend to rust too easily. Few permanent structures exist, most buildings are flimsy huts designed merely to provide shelter from the rain. Fortifications are exclusively stone.

The typical warrior has at best leather armor, a light shield, and is bereft of headgear. Weaponry is usually a broad bladed shortsword, useful for clearing underbrush, and several barbed javelins. Certain tribes have also domesticated warm-blooded lizards and use them as steeds or hunting companions.

There are huge warm-blooded lizards with ferocious dispositions that hunt in this jungle. If, as rumor goes, these lizards can swallow an ogre whole, they would be terrible opponents indeed.

Obakasek Jungle

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