Session 1: Event 6

“A Golden Offer”

Once safely away from the main body of the Court, the Party is able to speak with the prince regarding their mission. The Prince introduces them to Duke Marren Ilthan, in whose lands they will be conducting their investigation. He tells them of the small town of Itven and the disappearance of an entire squad of its town guardsmen. As one of two end roads to the precious iron and copper deposits that flow downriver from the Napalago Hills, the security of this town is vital to the foothold in both the lands east of the Voldor Bay but also of the northern lands of the kingdom.

Prince Sevlen will also invite Lanodar Trolenren of the Golden Alliance into the meeting at this time. The offer for the PCs is as follows, they are to ride north along the coastal roadway, allowing the people to see that the kingdom’s authority is still capable of handling all matters and ensuring the security of vital resource transportation hubs. Along the way, should any criminal acts be encountered (banditry, outlawry, etc..), the Party will have authorization to apprehend the criminals and turn them over to the nearest local authority. For this service, they will be provided with letters of mark and will be permitted to keep 60% of their spoils, with the other 40% going to the Prince’s treasury.

As they benefit from the trade northward as much as the Crown does, the Golden Alliance will pay a sum to the Party matching the 40% they are required to turn over to the treasury, thus allowing the PCs to keep 100% of the spoils of their efforts. The condition for this payment is that the party keeps a Ledger of Finances to track money earned along their way, and that ledger must match EXACTLY the ledger kept by the Golden Alliance associate who will accompany them. Any discrepancy will be removed from the Alliance’s payment, forcing the Party to turn over the difference in cash to the Prince’s treasury.

If desired, the Party can attempt to alter the terms through negotiation, but ultimately these attempts will be unsuccessful. With the refugee crisis ongoing, Prince Sevlen simply does not have the excess funds for additional expenses, and the Golden Alliance, being a powerhouse economic organization will only alter their terms under the most extreme of circumstances. Once the Group has agreed to the terms as presented, the Party will be provided with their ledger and will meet the teamster Roth, who will drive the Party’s wagon (provided by the Alliance) and manage his copy of the ledger.


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