Sky's Fury

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Sky’s Fury

This canon, “Sky’s Fury,” depicts a storm or a dark, cloudy sky on the cover, usually adorned with lightning bolts striking buildings or people. In most versions, the pages are a very faint gray and the art consists of evocative imagery using black, white and shades of gray. The scarcity of color in the illustrations makes its occasional use that much more powerful.

The chapters are called Storms; there are 19. The Storms describe destructive natural events, including landslides, floods, meteorites, hurricanes and tornadoes. Their focus seems to be to impress the reader with the inability of mortals to defy The Storm Lord’s wrath.

Sky’s Fury teaches that humans are subject to the whims of the gods, especially The Storm Lord. Worshipers may not curse at storms or disasters, lest they increase in magnitude. Touching flotsam brings bad luck.

Sky’s Fury is most common along coasts or other areas stricken by frequent storms. Inland, it is most common in the Elos Desert and the Drhokkeran Plains, where sandstorms and tornadoes (respectively) threaten the inhabitants. It costs 25 gp.

Sky's Fury

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