Stone Dwarf

Stone Dwarf (“durvalk”)
Stone dwarves (known by other dwarves as the “durvalk”) live deep underground, rarely encountering humans at all. Whether because they live in remote caverns, their enemies bar them from it, or they simply do not wish to make the effort, stone dwarves often spend their entire lives apart from nondwarven races. Stone dwarves live brutal, demanding lives and have less respect for intangible rewards than their cousins nearer to the surface.

They are also masterful miners, and their race has delved far and deep below the surface of Tellene. Here they have often encountered other subterranean races, and they wage a constant war against these evil races. As a result, stone dwarves have developed a unique fighting style for fighting in small caverns and confined passageways. Durvalk have gray or chalky white skin, and their hair and beards tend toward gray, charcoal or black. Eyes are black, deep brown, hard gray or (rarely) a cold blue. They are at least as bulky as lowland dwarves.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 3'7" +2d4 (inches) 120 lbs x (2d6) lbs
Female 3'7" +2d4 (inches) 100 lbs x (2d6) lbs

Stone dwarves distrust surface races and thus do not often learn surface languages. They speak Dwarven and Terran fluently and might learn the languages of various enemies. Other dwarves are the only race with which they consistently interact, and the limited trading that occurs is done exclusively with highland and lowland dwarves. An individual member of another race can earn the respect of individual stone dwarves through acts of courage or knowledge, but stone dwarf society never accepts outsiders. Stone dwarves hate all evil subterranean races, and would never willing work with them.

No place above the surface is home to the stone dwarves. They populate large cavern systems under or attached to The Grottos, live in huge realms underneath the Dashahn Mountains, and mine deep below the Napalago Hills.

Most stone dwarves worship The Founder, the Mother of the Elements or the Watcher. The Dark One, while not widely worshiped, is paid sacrifice to stay away and keep from harming their people. The Locust Lord also receives propitiation; hunger is always a danger underground.

Stone dwarf adventurers are rare, but those who do choose to leave their underground are most often rogues. Fighters, rangers and clerics are less common, but not unknown. Though their isolation is ideal for monks, few stone dwarves choose that class. Wizards, sorcerers, and psions are quite rare.

“Now this is how I imagine subterranean races. Chalky skin, big eyes, violent, and sullen.”
- Grarg Stoneskull, half-orc adventurer and self-proclaimed “sage of the people.”

Stone Dwarf

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