Sword of Kings


King Thedorus I wished to reward Rovak Fen’doral for his loyalty and bravery and ordered a silver coin struck with Rovak’s likeness on one side and Vevisalakale’s on the other. Today, these coins are called “Silver Dragons” by collectors and are priceless.

Overwhelmed with love for his king, Rovak Fen’doral swore eternal fealty to good King Thedorus I. He swore that he and every firstborn of his lineage would forever be the king’s champion. That very night, Rovak Fen’doral was visited by his patron god, Deb’fo, the Swift Sword, who was accompanied by Forinori, the Speaker of the Word. They came to inform Rovak Fen’doral that he would never father a child and, therefore, could not keep his oath.

Overwhelmed by their divine presence and with the grief of the news, the paladin lord fell to the floor and begged forgiveness for giving a false oath, thereby, dishonoring his god and king.

The deities told him that if he wished to keep his oath, they could grant him eternal life, for a price. Rovak Fen’doral swore the oath again and the gods turned him into a sword, the Sword of Kings.

The Sword of Kings

Sword of Kings

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