The Covetous Ones

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The Covetous Ones

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you bend the rules.”
“Don’t you wish you had a [body part/item/object] as beautiful as hers?”
“If it wasn’t for that incredibly ugly [body part/scar], you might be as handsome as he.”
“You know he doesn’t deserve that fine [object or item of clothing]. Go ahead – take it. I won’t tell.”

The Covetous Ones host huge parties and extravagant balls at the Courts of Inequity in an effort to spread envy and obtain a constant flow of new recruits. Naturally, they invite only the most fashionable members of the rich and social elite. In most areas, the nobility will do anything to attend the ball. During these affairs, the Covetous Ones do their utmost to spread envy and jealousy among the gentry. It is usually not difficult to find recruits among the nobility, especially after a ball. However, when new congregants cannot be found, the Covetous Ones may turn to cradle robbing and kidnapping.

The Covetous Ones know that their Queen revels in the misery of good people who are unjustly treated. Thus, they strive to cause the faultless to be blamed for acts they did not commit, while the guilty roam free. To this end, clerics of The Corrupter offer their services to the local ruler as justices or magistrates. Clerics of the Jealous Eye then try to gain authority in the local court system in order to ruin the lives of the innocent with their warped interpretation of the law.

The clerics always volunteer the use of the Courts of Inequity to the local lord, free of charge. Most lords find this proposal very attractive, because it eliminates the need to spend time and money operating their own courthouse. Rulers who accept this seemingly gracious proposition soon find their justice system falling further and further into the hands of the Covetous Ones. When the clerics wield absolute judicial authority, they take heavy bribes and charge outrageous fees for hearing even the simplest case. In any event, the rulings are typically inequitable, harsh and cruel.

Followers and clerics of the Mistress of Spite guard their own possessions to the point of paranoia. Traps set by them are usually very destructive, since they would rather see both the item and the thief destroyed than risk losing something once owned. This attitude keeps most local thieves’ guilds from even thinking of plundering the Courts of Inequity.

Adventures: Covetous Ones adventure to cement or extend their political power. At all levels, gaining political strength is a goal mandated by the faith.

Characteristics: A Covetous One, although a capable combatant, avoids melee combat if possible. She prefers to use her spells to either manipulate or increase the effectiveness or quantity of her allies.

Background: Covetous Ones are usually born of high lineage, although normal followers can be of any social class. They recruit new clerics only from the nobility. Famous, wealthy and noble converts are the ultimate prizes, for the Mistress of Spite needs and deserves only the finest clerics. Many congregants are also members of the Secret Network of the Blue Salamander and some clerics are reputed to be high-ranking officials of the Network.

Races: Humans, elves (high, gray, or shadow), dwarves and forest gnomes are often found among this faith’s membership. The religion is also popular among evil humanoids, especially those at odds with humans. The Corrupter likes the way they kill and steal to reap the fruits of the more industrious races. These cults are, however, looked down upon by most other human and humanoid clerics and are not even considered part of the formal Court Order.

Relations With Other Classes: Covetous Ones have a use for all other classes except barbarians, rangers and shamans, whom they consider pointless. Druids, they say, make good groundskeepers. All other classes have a role as servants of some sort.

Relations With Undead: The animation and creation of undead is viewed as a neutral act. It is how the undead are used that determines their purpose for good or evil. Associating with intelligent undead, who are inherently evil and very dangerous, is a sin and may earn the cleric a reduction in temple rank, along with penance and possible legal sanction.

Role: Covetous Ones are natural leaders of any group – their faith demands that they assume the role. If prevented from being a titular leader, the Covetous Ones attempts to rule through advice, threat, coercion or whatever means are available.

The Covetous Ones

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