The Keyholders

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The Keyholders

“A fool and his magic soon part ways.”
“Magic used wisely is there when needed.”
“May your wisdom be as powerful as your spells.”
“I am magic.”
A farewell: “May the arcane keep you.”

The Keyholders believe that there a finite amount of magic exists in the universe and the Riftmaster oversees and regulates its flow. When an additional amount of magic flows to the prime material plane, magic must be lost from another plane. When a creature is able to resist magic, the Keyholders believe that it is because the Gatekeeper would not allow the magic energy to be effectively transferred. Therefore, they believe that the Flowmaster is influential among mortals and gods alike, although less so among the latter.

The Temple of Enchantment preaches a doctrine of conservation of magic. They believe that the gift of magic should be used wisely and those who abuse magic will upset the balance of magic in the universe. If the flow is upset, the Riftmaster must ration the magic from the available flow. The Keyholders feel that too much magic current will ultimately result in spells being less effective, and could possibly lead to the loss of magic throughout Tellene.

Duties of clerics include teaching and enforcing proper magic use. The Temple of Enchantment often calls upon its clerics to confront those spellcasters who abuse the gift of magic. They sometimes find it necessary to eliminate those who continually abuse their magical prowess.

Adventures: Those who would misuse magical energies, or would prohibit their use, are often secluded from general society. The Keyholder who needs to address such an imbalance must adventure and travel abroad. A typical group of adventurers regularly encounters a wide range of exotic and potentially dangerous magic-related situations, and a Keyholder finds a ready home among such individuals.

Characteristics: A Keyholder strikes a curious form to the typical person. While magic is not so common that it is taken for granted, the Keyholder is often seen destroying magic items and preaching against unwarranted spell use. To many spellcasters, the Keyholder is viewed both as unreasonable and potentially dangerous.

Background: All manner of people take up the challenge of helping the Riftmaster maintain the proper flow of magic. While any person can come to the faith, the most common motivating factor is a dramatic life-changing event involving magic. One person becomes a Keyholder due to a personal tragedy resulting from a magical effect, while another might come to the Riftmaster after realizing the lack of magic in his community.

Races: Elves have both the arcane affinity and longevity to find a natural tendency towards the Riftmaster. Dwarves and gnomes also make excellent Keyholders because of their own special racial abilities related to magic. Humans make up the majority of the class, with other races found rarely.

Relations With Other Classes: A Keyholder relates to other classes mostly in magical terms. Other spellcasters are not allies or enemies at all times, but only as their spellcasting relates to the flow of magic. Adventurers who heed the urgings of the Keyholder are well regarded, while those who are callous in such matters earn wrath and disdain.

Relations With Undead: Clerics must destroy undead that threaten the faith or its worshippers, but can animate, create or associate with undead in life-threatening situations, or if the association furthers the faith’s goals and will do no harm later. If the church decrees the cleric has committed an offense against the faith, he may be subject to penance or (for major offenses) even banned from increasing in temple rank.

Role: The Keyholder fills a valuable role in any adventuring party as the “magic expert.” The destruction and counterspelling of enemy magic, combined with the Keyholder’s own helpful spellcasting and magic item creation, makes him an important member of the group.

The Keyholders

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