The Passionate Peoplehood

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The Passionate Peoplehood

“Finish that one so I can pour you another!”
“That sure is a beautiful necklace you have there…”
“I’m not ash think asth your drunk I am, magish-thrart, hee hee.”
“Really! I thought this was my estate. I must have been confused by the storm and all.”
“Shut up and finish your wine!”
“See you next year in Shyta-na-Dobyo!”
“If you can’t laugh with ‘em, slug ‘em!”
“Nothin’ gets the blood pumpin’ like a good brawl.”

The Passionate Peoplehood believes that the passion of any emotion attracts the favor of their god. They are equally content when blissfully happy, lusty or in a mad rage, as long as the feeling is intense. They enjoy a good brawl or an orgy equally, due to the intense emotions evoked by such events. Because of these emotional swings, most non-worshippers have difficulty coexisting with clerics of Passionate One.

In most areas, the Order is a poorly organized, underground group. Those who dwell in cities spend most of their time in jail. Aside from minor public disorders the Peoplehood may cause, they sometimes become involved in plots to steal valuable items as a sacrifice to the King of Climax. During severe storms, clerics are sometimes found wandering drunk in nobles’ houses searching for valuables to destroy.

Most worshippers of this deity are winemakers who tolerate the more eccentric activities of the Peoplehood. Successful crops and endorsements from the Order are some of the benefits that they may receive for suffering with (what many of them believe to be) drunken fools. In some areas, there is a delicate balance between the Order and the local government, especially if a powerful winemakers’ guild supports The Laugher’s clerics.

The Order of the Passionate One has no set rules, so cults vary regionally. However, one consistent and unbreakable rule of this faith is that wine (or any liquor) must never be wasted or destroyed. Those who are familiar with this rule leave bottles of wine perched precariously on windowsills or leaning against doors to discourage break-ins by the superstitious clerics.

Adventures: Members of the Passionate Peoplehood go on adventures to find excitement, to spread the joy of The Laugher, and to taste new drinks.

Characteristics: Well-rounded in combat and spellcasting, the Passionate exhibits lusty behavior in all his endeavors. Whether brawling, singing, or searching for treasure, the Passionate gives his every effort. Passionates tend to be quick to action and disregard consequences.

Background: Passionates come from all backgrounds; these clerics make no distinction based on wealth, race, culture, language or anything else. Shyness or introspection is unheard of, as Passionates “wear their emotions on their sleeve,” so to speak.

Races: Gnomes and humans fill the ranks of this faith, although dwarves are well represented as well. Most other races join in smaller quantities, although elves, not often given to excess in the manner of this faith’s dogma, rarely join the clergy.

Relations With Other Classes: Passionates respect other creatures based on the readiness with which they display their emotions and their openness. Bards, rogues, barbarians, and sorcerers tend to be in the good graces of the Passionates. Passionates endlessly mock paladins, monks and too-serious wizards.

Relations With Undead: The raising or use of undead poses no dogmatic issues for the cleric and risks no sanctions. However, clerics should not recklessly associate with undead, but do so only for purposes of helping the faith or its worshippers.

Role: In an adventuring party, the Passionate augments her companions with divine magic (adding strong drink when possible), lends a hand in combat and heals them afterwards.

The Passionate Peoplehood

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