The Watchers

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The Watchers

“As I walked with myself and talked with myself, myself said unto me; take care of thyself, for nobody but thou cares for thee.”
“Loneliness inspires the mind.”
“Wandering may be lonely, but I have met more creatures this year than you will know in your lifetime.”
“The longest journey begins with just one step.”
“The mysteries of life you will never understand, until you have been a stranger in a strange land.”
“One never knows what lies over the next hill. Go and see.”

The Watchers believe that one gains wisdom through life experiences and by observing other cultures. It is the duty of all clerics to spread the influence of the Prince of Solitude to the ends of Tellene and assist in the training of new initiates.

These clerics rarely live in cities. They mostly dwell in the wilderness and travel frequently, wandering from place to place. When Watchers meet during their travels, it is customary for them to spend a week sharing information relating to the possible whereabouts and activities of other Watchers.

A Watcher is a jack-of-all-trades. They commonly find odd jobs for a brief time in the many different areas in which they travel. These stops in town are usually just long enough to gather supplies or look for new recruits. They prefer to keep their identity secret so that they may better observe others.

Adventures: Watchers travel Tellene in search of new vistas and new sights to see. They seek out events of all kinds, wherever they may be.

Characteristics: Watchers, while capable combatants, prefer to avoid any kind of confrontation. They use their divine spells to makes themselves unobtrusive, or to encourage interaction between others (through charms, for example).

Background: A common tactic clerics use to gain initiates is to befriend vagrants. They convince the potential recruit to go on a small journey with them. Along the way, they indoctrinate the target in the teachings of The Wanderer until he or she agrees to join the religion.

Races: All races are apt to become Watchers. Stone dwarves, gray elves, and Dejy from shattered tribes are typical. Like with many other clerics, humans form the bulk of the priesthood.

Relations With Other Classes: Watchers value other classes for the entertainment they provide and the lessons they teach. Rogues and bards are favorites because they often find themselves in trouble of some kind – and then avoid the worst of it. Sorcerers and fighters, each a source of a different kind of raw power, are arguably the least instructional.

Relations With Undead: The raising or use of undead poses no dogmatic issues for the cleric and risks no sanctions. However, clerics should not recklessly associate with undead, but only for purposes of helping the faith or its worshippers.

Role: In an adventuring party, Watchers contribute little until it is a matter of life or death. They act out of self-preservation or to retain their ability to travel freely. When they do involve themselves in the party’s affairs, they act on their own initiative, without cooperation or planning ahead of time.

The Watchers

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