“Lewdness is best performed on the innocent.”
“Purity is a state most easily cured.”
“Why do tomorrow what you can put off until next week?”
“Only those who do not labor are not slaves.”

The Insulters tend to be truly disgusting, unkempt and overweight individuals. They have a penchant for violent sexual offenses and children are a favorite prey. One goal of this loathsome group is to defile temples of other deities by performing lewd and unspeakable acts on the god’s altar. Obscene acts involving the other god’s sacred animal also seem to be preferred activities. Luckily for the rest of the world they believe in the concept, “Why do tomorrow what you can put off until next week?”

The Vicelords believe that His Immenseness will grant them special favors if they can trick innocent victims into willingly defiling the temple of their own patron. It is said among the Vicelords that the Abaser beguiled several other deities’ high clerics into transgressions of performing indecencies on top of their own god’s altar.

This cult has one of the largest followings of all the evil faiths; Vicelords thrive in all civilized areas. Due to their desire to warp and destroy the morals of others, all good and decent folk hate the Vicelords. However, most towns tolerate them because they are rarely caught committing a major offense and they control most houses of prostitution (and most areas do not consider houses of ill-repute evil).

Adventures: Vicelords who advocate the virtues of sloth do not adventure unless they have no other recourse. Others adventure to defile enemy clerics, to encourage vice and to profane good things.

Characteristics: Vicelords are lazy, decadent and self-indulgent. They are the lewdest of all clerics. They use their spells and combat ability in perverse fashion whenever possible.

Background: Vicelords often come from the wealthier stations and the upper middle classes. It is not as popular among the poor, who have less free time to enjoy life’s lustful extremes.

Races: Humans are common Insulters, though members of any race exist among the faithful. Some halflings are fond of the sloth (laziness) aspect of The Vicelord, although they are not universally enamored of the sensual viewpoints.

Relations With Other Classes: The Vicelord appreciates any characters who do not work too hard and takes time for indulgence in lewd activity. Paladins are considered good for entertainment; Insulters try not to take them seriously.

Relations With Undead: The raising or use of undead poses no dogmatic issues for the cleric and risks no sanctions. However, clerics should not recklessly associate with undead, but do so only for helping the faith or its worshippers.

Role: Because of their emphasis on laziness, Vicelords do not often have active roles in any group. When they work alone, they tempt others to evil, using any lure at their disposal, including sex, power and wealth.


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