We of the Watchers

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We of the Watchers


Worship: Worship of The Watcher occurs mostly in isolated places, usually outdoors but may be underground as well. The Watchers do not gather for services.

We of the Watchers

Holy Symbol: A winding road disappearing over a hill or a winged staff.

Holy Days: On particularly windy days, clerics must seek solitude and pray to their deity. Even on holy days, clerics seek solitude for prayer.

Holy Colors: Grey, brown, green and white.

Holy Animal: The lone coyote is the holy animal of The Watchers.

Raiment: Spiritual leaders of the god of wanderers and loneliness do not dress to impress. The Watchers wear simple robes or tunics of brown, green or gray and a white belt. They are constant travelers, so sturdy, comfortable boots are important to them.

Rank: Title:
1 Watcher
2 High Watcher
Special Notes

Watchers have a secret hand signal that can be casually used without provoking the attention of non-Watchers. Strangely enough, no degree of torture, power of magic, or skill of subterfuge has ever been able to gain the secret of this sign. Furthermore, Watchers who have left the faith inexplicably can no longer remember or notice the sign.

Advancement: Advancement in this religion is by travel. These travels are actually quests for wisdom and are assigned to each Watcher by his High Watcher. Sometimes finding the High Watcher is a longer journey than the quest itself. There are no level titles except Watcher and High Watcher.

As there is no formal organization for worshipers of The Watcher, no further ranks (and thus no further benefits or restrictions) exist beyond High Watcher.

A High Watcher does not gain a potion upon attaining rank 2. Instead, he gains a +2 bonus to all Spot checks.

Sacrifices: Watchers must sacrifice a good pair of boots once per month.

Major Temples: The largest temple of The Watcher exists in the great city of Bet Kalamar.

The Watchers have few formal temples, but they do erect roadside shrines, mostly as a service to each other rather than as shelter for other travelers. These shrines do contain food stores and other traveling supplies, but The Watchers usually hide such things and ward them with glyphs of warding or other defenses. Since their purpose is protection and not murder, the glyphs usually hold bestow curse or blindness/deafness rather than damaging effects.

The Watchers have no cathedrals and no holy seat.

Friends and Allies:
The Thunderer’s Temple: “The weather surrounds a traveler, always, and one must show it the proper respect.”
The Face of the Free: “Freedom is imperative to the growth of any being.”
The Temple of Stars: “Travelers not unlike ourselves, though they do not understand the need for solitude.”
Foes and Enemies:
The House of Shackles: “To bind a creature is to remove its soul, and to bind yours to it as well.”
The Founder’s Creation: “They sit and stagnate in their great buildings… The longer they stay in one place, the harder they will find it to leave, like a treant putting down roots…”
The Home Foundation: “Small minded people, always focusing on the ‘community’ and ‘family’. They cannot understand why solitude can be so freeing.”

We of the Watchers

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