Wild Elf

Wild Elf (“seleeris”)
Among themselves the “seleeris” (as they are known in Low Elven), or wild elves, are active and joyful. They spend their days hunting and gathering food, and spend the night in dance and worship. Wild elves are communal folk. They eat as a group around a common fire, sleep in multi-family tents and hunt in large groups. Despite this, they retain many individual freedoms. Wild elves have the freedom to worship whomever they choose, the right to disagree (in words) with the chief’s decision and the right to enter and leave marriage freely.

If wood elves are rustic, wild elves are downright feral. They are nomadic, living wholly off the hunt and what food they can gather while on the move. Their movement patterns are not random, but designed to place them near different herds or vegetation according to that food source’s migration or ripening cycle.

Wild elves are physically similar to wood elves, except that their skin is even darker, occasionally appearing as a polished mahogany. Their ears come to a sharp point, and often sweep back against the skull. Their clothing is rough and often well worn, but they decorate it with beautiful jewelry of semiprecious stones and copper, silver or gold. Wild elves meditate instead of sleeping. This is the same as the trance of high elves.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 4' +2d4 (inches) 80 lbs x (1d6) lbs
Female 3'8" +2d4 (inches) 75 lbs x (1d6) lbs

The seleeris are a reclusive but belligerent race that lives apart from most other civilizations by mutual agreement. When they do meet other races, their primary form of communication is a spear, and their ambassadors are likely to be powerful barbarians. Wild elves that live their whole lives within their own tribe speak no language other than High Elven. Warriors likely speak Low Elven and at least understand the language of nearby races. They live in the Voldorwoods, the northern reaches of the Brindonwood west of the Shadesh Bay and the Vohven Jungle.

Wild elves worship The Storm Lord, Battle Rager, The Great Huntress, The Guardian and The Raiser. They seldom worship or even acknowledge The Founder, The Landlord or The Vicelord. Evil wild elves follow the Rotlord, the Prince of Terror or the Locust Lord.

Adventuring wild elves have been motivated to leave their tribe in search of new experiences. Wild elves are typically barbarians, but they might also be shamans, rogues, rangers, fighters or sorcerers. Few wild elves find the other classes attractive, especially wizardry.

“Can your coin kill a deer at a hundred paces?” – Wild elf saying


Wild Elf

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