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An Outsider’s View

“Let me see your coin. Ah, yes. That should be sufficient for the information you desire. The Young Kingdoms, is it? Quite a fractured region… You see, the Young Kingdoms were once part of the Brandobian Empire, until Fulakar, the brilliant Kalamaran general, conquered the lands and made them part of his Empire. Then, a generation later, Emperor Kolokar divided the land into self-governed nations and duchies, though still under the control of the Empire. However, self-government given cannot be so easily taken back. In time, each kingdom declared its independence from the Empire that was too busy with other threats to retake them.

Now, the lands known as the Young Kingdoms contain the Free State of Ek’Gakel, the Kingdom of Ek’Kasel, the City-State of P’Bapar, the City of Shyta-na-Dobyo and the Militocracy of Korak, as well as the hobgoblin kingdom of Norga-Krangrel. To the south of Norga-Krangrel is the Elos Desert, where there are no nations, but several independent cities as well as the single Brandobian colony of Miclenon.”

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Young Kingdoms

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